Chapter 3: Lover on the side, Lover in the center

This chapter of Page After Page is about falling in love with what you’re doing. How you find time to spend time with the one you love, how time stops when in love, and talk about how in love you are. She then tells the reader that this is how you need to be with writing. Writing needs to be that new found lover in your life.

I kind of agree with this. As an artist, I will lose track of time because I’m so engrossed with what I’m drawing. Sometimes I even forget to eat. But I also get annoyed by my artwork because something I’m drawing is frustrating me. So I tend to describe my passion for art as being similar to loving a baby – you love the kid to death and want to help it grow, but sometimes it’s going to barf on you and you’re going to have to find a way to clean up the mess.

Heather makes me feel that writing should have that love glow about you like when you’re falling in love with someone new. Like I should scribble hearts around writing and see what it would look like if I took writing’s last name (Dawn the Writer). But I don’t know if I’m ready for that kind of commitment…

Exercise 7

As you read this chapter, it’s likely tha t you said to yourself, “Fine, Heather, but I’m XYZ and I have PDQ going on, and in addition, the special circumstances of ABC.”…
…Write down what you were thinking-to-do lists, jobs, fears, dreams, excuses, busy-drugs you are addicted to, meetings you must attend, children you must feed. Write it all down. Look at your list. What job are you qualifying yourself for? What is at the center of your life? Are you in the mood to fall in love with writing? Are you too exhausted to take on a lover? Are you feeling like you should take on this lover, writing? Or do you really want to? Write out the answers to these questions.

I’m an artist. I love art enough to frustrate me to where I feel like I want to strangle it, but resist because I know art will hold my hair up if I’ve drank too much or make me soup if I don’t feel good. Will writing do that? Or will it just seem me as an experience in life that it will find enriching and want to tell a story about it even though I asked it not to tell people about that one embarrassing time I had at toe fungus summer camp. Though just saying that a Toe Fungus camp exists and I went there would be enough to make me want to crawl into a hole.

There is no summer camp dedicated to kids with toe fungus. I’ve never been to a summer camp. But a quick google search suggests that most summer camps have the possibility of being toe fungus summer camps.

Where was I? Oh yes! Why I can’t I take writing as my lover. Can I not call writing a lover and maybe a geisha? Cause I just want to tell people that writing is my geisha to see how people would react. Great, now I want to try drawing what that would look like. See! Artwork is figuring out that I’m interested in writing and planning a romantic getaway to some fancy place in hopes of saving our relationship.

Art! Why can’t I quit you!?

Exercise 8

Set a writing schedule for the week. For example, 7AM to 7:15AM, and lunch, and Saturday afternoon. Now here is the key part: Nap during those hours. Do nothing. Just sit there, lie about, stare out the window. Be in bed. Or on your back. For one week…If you can’t waste this amount of writing time, how will you write during it?

This is tough. I hate doing nothing. Meditating is a challenge for me to do because I feel like I’m doing nothing and feel guilty for doing nothing.

Exercise 9

Take books to your bed. Get in the habit of reading in bed…

Already do this. It annoys my husband sometimes because he wants total darkness to go to sleep and he goes to bed before me. But thankfully there is Kindle and setting the background to black with white lettering helps limit the amount of light in the room.