Away From Writing and Towards Animation

Life has been a bit hectic for the last couple of years and I have let the idea of writing a book fall through the cracks. I might pick up writing my terrible short stories in the future (especially after a bottle of wine), but for now I’ve been attempting other creative endeavors.

The current goal is to try my hand at animation. My art style has always been influenced by certain cartoons (X-men, Secret of NIMH, Last Unicorn, Heavy Metal, etc). So in my free time I have been taking online animation classes and trying my hand at animating.


I’ve always like rotoscoping, but I’ve avoided rotoscoping in the past because I know a lot of people who despise it. Many frown at it as a technique used by animators who are terrible animators and the only way they can make a cartoon is by tracing.

Recently I got a book called “The Animator’s Survival Kit“. In an early section of the book he talks about how Disney animators used rotoscoping to get more natural movements in their animation.

214What?! Disney rotoscoped? I always thought they used live model references and never traced over film images.

Right now, I am an amateur animator and will probably create really terrible rotoscoping animations until I’ve gained enough experience and style. But knowing the big pros do it, it gives me hope that I might make some fun animation projects that will look awesome.

If you want to support my exploration into expanting my art skills, you can do so by donating to my Patreon here:


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