Artist not on a Writer’s Journey

Don’t know if I’m so much “on a writer’s journey” because I obviously am not on a journey to become a writer. Then again, I started with me trying to fail at attempting to be a writer for shits and giggles. I’m an artist and this blog is called “Bored & Creative” after all.

I had always wanted to understand more of what my husband goes through when writing the scripts for our web comic Zombie Ranch. He has taken the time to understand what I go through trying to draw the comic, so it only seemed fair to see what it would be like to be a writer. And boy have I learned a lot. Also a lot more respect given to my talented writer husband and friends.

I’ve always been in awe with how my husband and friends could write engaging stories and how easy they make it look. Now I’m even more in awe after attempting to write something, even if it was me attempting to write a terrible story.

Whenever I would talk about how I wish I could write a story, the response I tend to get was to “just start writing”. I’ve said similar things to people who wished they could draw like me. But I feel like it’s more than just sitting down at a desk for hours drawing or writing for hours. I define myself as an artist. Even if I ever successfully wrote a book, I know that I would never call myself a writer but still say that I was an artist who happen to write a book.

Art is my love and I’m happy to allow it to consume my time. If you take a look at my instagram you will notice that I can’t stop myself from drawing. I got fired from jobs as a kid because I couldn’t stop doodling and drawing on scrap paper around me. So saying that you have to dedicate time to drawing might not be correct. I could dedicate time to writing every day, but know I would never be a writer. I could learn to write, but I wouldn’t love it like I love to draw.

I’ve come to realize that when I say “I wish I could write” I never imagine writing being wedged into my art life, but more of me becoming a different person. I Image myself sitting at a typewriter with a glass of whiskey next to me in a quiet room and dim lighting. It’s a romantic image, but not reality for me. Reality was me sitting on the couch, fighting the urge to watch TV shows on Hulu, and caving in to surfing the web – telling myself that it’s for “inspiration”.

This doesn’t mean that I’ll stop trying to write bad stories. I’m having too much fun thinking up ideas for Feed. So if you have any books or writing exercises to help being a successful writer you want to share with me because I might hilariously fail, feel free to send it to me. I’ll tackle it in my usual wacky ways.


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