When I was a school, I use to write short stories in class and then hand them to friends to read during break. It usually wasn’t finished or written very well, but my goal was usually to make my friends laugh at the silly characters or plot that I wrote in 30 minutes. They would give suggestions and I would attempt to write the story further.

Sometimes I would trade my part of the story to a friend so they could contribute before handing it back to me. This game was my favorite that I miss playing these days because I love a challenge. I know some people who hate letting others take control of their characters or world – they have a plan and hate to deviate away from it. I personally love the chaos and see it as an opportunity to view the character/world in a different way that I would have never thought of myself.

My  husband knows my desire to write a story, but am not too serious about it. I tend to get most of my creative writing done in games by roleplaying characters (like my character Disara in many MMOs). So today he sends me a link to a Kickstarter for something called Storium. Storium is going to be a game for people that want to tell stories and let others join in, or even use it as an opportunity to roleplay out characters and scenes.

This is something that I’ve wanted to see come to life since I don’t have any friends to pass stories to and let them continue or finish the story. Storium would give me that opportunity to find others who want to write creatively, but don’t really want to write fan fiction, go professionally or really take it too seriously, and just want to have fun writing.

Check it out if you’re interested by going to 

Support their kickstarter if you want to get in on the Beta for only $10 here:


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