Chapter 6: Sleeping With Books

Not a chapter about how to silence the loud snores coming from your pile of books, but more about reading books while you go to sleep. In this chapter, Heather encourages the reader to fall in love with books.

I love books way too much. I have 4 book shelves, books piled around my computer desk, on my night stand, a plastic bin filled with book next to the bed with books piled on top, shelves on walls filled with books, and books in a small footrest in front of the couch. I read books while I’m on break at work, taking a bath, sitting on the bus, before going to bed, and sometimes on long car rides.

Heck, that’s why I cosplayed as Yomiko Readman (Read or Die) for an anime expo. And what did I do when I was dressed as her? Walked across the street from the convention to a bookstore and started looking around at their books. Sure, the convention had plenty to read, but the bookstore was having a going out of business sale. How could I resist?

My home is starting to look more and more like Yomiko’s in the anime version. Maybe I should just move into a library, that would probably be my ideal home. Probably a terrible idea living in a location that’s known for earthquakes.

So I guess I pass this chapter of Page After Page with flying colors. Oh wait…there’s still the Exercise.

Exercise 12

Now, really imagine you’re writing life is a love affair. I want you to get out some paper and make a little love list. What kind of relationship are you having with your writing life?

Here’s the note I wrote last week when I was in a really good relationship with my writing:

Can’t wait to get to desk and be with novel.
Think about novel all day, and all night.
Write lots of notes to novel in margins of books, journal.
Make plans aroudn novel instead of other way around, friends can wait.
Think novel is most wonderful think in world.
Know novel and I understand each other better than anyone or anything else ever could. Definitely in love with novel these days.

Now I’ll write this in two ways. As myself and as a creepy stalker in love with books.

 Normal Self

  • I look forward to reading my book.
  • Think I will have a great time with book.
  • I wonder where book will take me next? Someplace magical? Somewhere filled with adventure?
  • Look forward to sharing this adventure with my book.

Creepy Self

  • Book lookin’ really good right now.
  • Book can’t leave me, run away back to it’s library parents. Will lock book in basement and tell library it’s fine and that Book wants to stay with me for a few more weeks. They won’t question anything.
  • Don’t like it when others read my book, I don’t like that book lets them.
  • All I want is to look inside Book, just a peek.
  • Okay, maybe I really want to look at Book all night long.
  • Accidentally tore book, will make sure it tells everyone it fell off night stand. Will write that in the margin. Book will stick with that story if it knows what’s best.
  • I’ve been here all night, looking at book.
  • I like to imagine book wearing a sexy lacy book marker.



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